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PVA film has many unique advantages are generally polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film can not be compared, such as: high transparency, glossy, the contents of the package is more vivid and beautiful, and increase its sense of value; without static, PVA film  is without static , it will not absorb the dust in the air to the surface of the packaging film, so giving a clean and fresh impression; Better toughness than the general PE, PVC. The film is not easy to break; soft touch, good oil resistance, good solvent resistance, suitable for oil, solvent packaging; gas impermeable, so you can keep the original flavor of food and increase the shelf life.

There are two main production methods:

Solution applied dry method: simple, but more time-consuming, cost of energy, not suitable for mass production.

Melt blown film method: PVA melting temperature and decomposition temperature is similar, can not directly use the general melt blowing method as PE or PVC , must reconcile a lot of plasticizers, made of molding powder, then melt blow molding can be carried out.

Applicable PVA: 088-35,100-27,088-20.

According to the use can be divided into water insoluble film and water soluble film:

Water insoluble film: used in plastic carving film, food packaging, high-level textile packaging and general plastic wrap.

Water soluble film: used in soap powder, insecticides, bleaching powder, pigment packaging and hospital physicians, patients clothes washing bags, physiological cotton packaging,etc.


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